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What is Lil Ballers?

Lil Ballers is part of Young Football Academy and is a skills development programme designed for children from 18 months – 6 years old. Our three-tier pathway helps the youngest children to develop their motor skills, balance and coordination, as well as recognise numbers and colours. As they move through each level, ball skills are introduced through a variety of fun games, challenging them more as their confidence grows.

We want to prepare your child for a lifetime of healthy choices, whether they choose to continue with football or not. But ultimately we want them to laugh, smile and have fun!

Are the coaches qualified?

All of our coaches are fully SFA and first aid qualified, PVG certified, and have loads of experience working with children of all ages and abilities. We also have a first aid kit on site at every class in case of any minor bumps.

How long do classes take?

It really depends on the group! Most of our games involve a lot of running as well as concentration; the younger children tend to tire quicker, so sessions can last around 30-35 minutes. But typically we allow 45 minutes for classes.

What should my child wear?

Preferably indoor football trainers or gym shoes, as they will be kicking a ball and doing a lot of running! Outdoor shoes are not permitted.

Lil Ballers kits will very soon be available, and these will become the club uniform; in the meantime any sports kit is absolutely fine.

What else do they need?

Please bring a bottle of water for your child, as the games are pretty energetic and they will be doing a lot of running about! Snacks are also fine, although we don’t allow these to be eaten whilst taking part in games.

Will children be divided into teams?

Absolutely not. Lil Ballers is about personal and physical development in a fun environment. We do teach the children to work together as a team in certain scenarios such as tidying up equipment, or sometimes playing against the parents! The idea is to promote the idea of working together to achieve something positive, but in a football context it’s far more rewarding for them at this early stage to enjoy learning to play with a ball in a non-competitive setting.

Can I leave my child and pick them up after class?

No. Parental participation is vital to the child’s development and progression, so bring your trainers and be ready to get involved!

What kind of involvement is expected of parents?

Parents act as personal coaches to the children – encouraging, guiding and helping them to take part in our activities and games (under the watchful eye of a qualified coach, of course). This approach not only increases the bond between you and your child, but also gives you a solid base to practice in between classes.

What kind of equipment is used?

It depends on the age group – the younger children use smaller, lighter foam balls alongside bean bags, skittles, cones, hoops etc, whereas the older groups start to incorporate more football-focused equipment such as mini goals, agility ladders & futsal balls.

Can girls attend classes?

Absolutely 100%. Football is for everyone!

How much does it cost?

We offer a free trial session to every child, and if they enjoy it and want to come back, we operate an ongoing monthly subscription at £32. This secures your place in the class and covers a minimum of 40 sessions per year. Lil Ballers members also get a 20% discount on all Lil Ballers playing kits and merchandise, as well as discounted entry to our Halloween and Christmas parties.

Do you run blocks of classes?

No, we don’t operate in blocks. We run an ongoing subscription model – our classes run throughout the calendar year from January to December, with a minimum of 40 sessions scheduled.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

Although our terms run for a calendar year, we don’t tie you in for this period as we understand people’s circumstances can change. The ongoing subscription renews automatically each month, and all we ask is that you give one month notice if you are thinking about leaving. This gives us the chance to bring a new child in from the waiting list for a free trial, then fill your space.

If you cancel mid-month then you will be liable for the following month’s subscription, so if you’re thinking about leaving, it’s best to tell us at the start of the month!

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