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At Lil Ballers our classes are separated into three age-appropriate groups. The content of each level is carefully planned to help your child’s development, challenging them to progress but in a fun, non-competitive environment.



Starter classes for toddlers aged 18 months to 3 years. The main focus is on building your child’s confidence by developing their cognitive and motor skills through a variety of fun games using colourful props. They will also be introduced to a ball for the first time!



Aimed at children aged 3 to 4, we start to incorporate more ball activities, teaching them about different areas of the foot with which to control the ball. We’ll build on the skills picked up in our nano classes, helping them to increase their mobility with the ball at their feet. At this stage they also begin to learn about passing, dribbling and shooting.



Focused on children aged 4-6, by now their confidence will be sky high, and they’ll love having the ball at their feet. The mini class starts to encourage them to be a little bit more independent from their parent/carer (although you’ll still be involved), and demands more from them in terms of listening and acting upon instructions. Shifting focus to different skillsets every couple of weeks will broaden their minds as they continue to hone their ball skills.




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